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Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me

  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
  • Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me

Photo Alain Pinochet / Nelly Blaya / Nathalie Fillion

Cassandre Archambeau was born in 1986 in Paris, 11th district. Cassandre Archambeau is unique, like everybody. Like everybody, she hasn't chosen her name, nor her sex nor her time. She would like to change the world but doesn't know where she should begin... Then, in order to think more clearly, she gets on her bicycle and every night rides through the world.

Bigger than Me is an impressionist painting of our time, through the portrait of today's young lady, Cassandre Archambeau, who wonders about her place in the world, about what makes her unique, what links her to the others. In a performance both physical and verbal, she shows, on stage, the numerous dimensions of our existence, from weird comedy to tragedy. Through the geography of her own body, that she measures just in front of us, it's our daily pieces of pettiness and greatness that she explores, our longings, our quest of meaning.

Bigger than Me is a merry existential questioning about determinism and freewill, about the word freedom on a life scale. Between individual destiny and collective horizon, it's a measurement of the tension which everyone is in the grip of. It's a real slap in the face for our grimacing and anxiety-provoking time, an imaginary pact made with the spectators in order to face together the crashing and banging of the world. It's also a journey between dream and reality, an impudent word about the wonderment to be in the world, that may well be rotten.

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Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me

"Bigger than me"
Text and direction : Nathalie Fillon
With : Manon Kneusé and Sylvain Creuze's voice
Choreography : Jean-Marc Hoolebeck
Lights creation : Jean-François Breut, adapted by Nina Tanée
Sound creation : Nourel Boucherk
Set: builded at the workshop of the Théâtre de l'Union by Alain Pinochet and Claude Durand
Costume : created at the same workshop by Noémie Laurioux
Stage design : Nathalie Fillon (consulting Charlotte Villermet)
Acknowledgments : Marieva Jaime-Cortez

Théâtre du Baldaquin / Théâtre de l'Union, CDN Limousin
Théâtre du Nord, CDN Lille -Tourcoing - Hauts de France
Supported by La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon, CNES and Faits & Gestes / Foyer de Marminiac
Co-production of the project supported by Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Text published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs
Preface by François Angelier.

Web Site of Nathalie Fillion
Théâtre du Baldaquin     

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Tour dates

19 October 2023 - 18h00 - CCRI John Smith, Benin International Festival - Ouidah (Benin)
20 October 2023 - 20h30 - French Institut, Benin International Festival - Cotonou (Benin)
Show available on tour season 2024-2025

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