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The artists I support

Les Baladins du Miroir
The story behind Les Baladins du Miroir is closely intertwined with that of Nele Paxinou, whose theatrical career started in the Rideau de Bruxelles company when she was twenty years old. By a twist of fate, Nele was forced to give up her acting career...

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Zabou Breitman - Cabotine
Actress and director, she creates in 2017, in Paris, her own company Cabotine (“ham actress”). Daughter of Jean-Claude Deret, author and actor, and Céline Leger, actress, Zabou Breitman is immersed in theatre since her childhood. At the age of four she‘s in the television serial Thierry La Fronde: her father had written the serial and created the character, her mother was playing the part of Isabelle. She studied movie, modern Greek and English...
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Nathalie Fillion
Nathalie Fillion is an author, a director, an actress and a teacher. She's artistic director of the Théâtre du Baldaquin, a company supported by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC Ile de France. She stages her own writings, explores various sizes and forms of texts and works regularilly with musicians and choreographers...

Link to Nathalie Fillion - On our mind
On our mind
Learn more...
Link to Nathalie Fillion - Faces
Learn more...
Link to Nathalie Fillion - Bigger than me
Bigger than me
Learn more...
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Geneviève de Kermabon
Trained at the « Ecole de la rue Blanche » in 1978, Geneviève de Kermabon got the same year into the school of the Circus Gruss, then worked as Georges Wilson’s assistant in his show Les Aiguilleurs (the points men) and decided to stage La Strada...

Link to Geneviève de Kermabon - Céleste
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Pierre Pradinas - Compagnie Le Chapeau Rouge
He created the Companie du Chapeau Rouge (Red Hat Company) in 1978, in Avignon, with a group of actors among whom were Catherine Frot, Yann Colette, Thiérry Gimenez, Alain Gautré and Jean-Pierre Darroussin, and he used to choose, organize and direct the plays produced by the Red Hat...
Link to Pierre Pradinas - Tchekhov Farces
Farces and Short Stories
- CREATION 2023 -
Link to Pierre Pradinas - The Occupation
The Occupation
- CREATION 2018 -
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Anaïs Muller / Bertrand Poncet - Shindô
Anaïs Müller and Bertrand Poncet met once in a drama school in Paris, then left to study, her at the TNB and he at the TNS. They meet again and start working and acting, not because it's necessary, not by greed or pride (well, maybe a little bit of it) but just because, after all, they have no choice but to do that: "theaaaaaaatre"...
Link to Shindo - One day I dreamed I were You
One day I dreamed
I were You
- CREATION 2017 -
Link to Shindo - In the place where I used to believe I was, there was nobody
In the place where I
used to believe I was,
there was nobody
- CREATION 2020 -
Link to Shindo - Scandal and Decline
Scandal and Decline
- CREATION 2022 -

The artists I support

Link to Les Baladins du Miroir
Les Baladins du Miroir
Link to Zabou Breitman
Zabou Breitman
Cie Cabotine
Link to Nathalie Fillion
Nathalie Fillion
Théâtre du Baldaquin
Link to Geneviève de Kermabon
Geneviève de Kermabon
Link to Pierre Pradinas
Pierre Pradinas
Le Chapeau Rouge
Link to Shindô
A. Muller
B. Poncet


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