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Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste

  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste
  • Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste

Photo Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Directing intentions
Celeste is a theatrical creation retracing the journey of an old circus artist at the crossroads of the traditional circus and the new circus.
Life in the circus is tough ... When you grow up in it, you can only obey adults ... Adults impose a role model on you. Celeste's role model is Lilly Yokoi. Through hard work and hard work, Lilly is one of the greatest cycling acrobats of all time. But the inner child in all of this ?
Terrible evocation of the traditional archaic circus, violent, hard, flirting madly with danger, and yet not devoid of great outbursts of tenderness. Circus where children were trained like animals Céleste takes us in the whirlwind of its distorted, sublimated memories: colorful horses, gigantic elephant, big roaring and leaping beasts, extravagant trainer. Cult of the body and its prowess as well as its decline and relentless old age.

Stage designing
A brightly colored circus ring, glitering with hundreds of bulbs. Small visions carts…

On the back, the Entry! Wide translucent moving curtains (bright plastic strips)… From those circus, funfair and music hall worlds, we borrow the acidulous colors, the smokes, lights and sequins…

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Geneviève de Kermabon - Celeste

Concept and direction : Geneviève de Kermabon
Original music : Stéphane Leach
Sound concept : Pierre Ragu
Formidable tamer : Joe Sheridan
Old circus rider : Geneviève de Kermabon
Young acrobat : Simon Martin
Film lyric singer : Patrick Vilet
Voices : Jean Damien Barbin, Erik Gerken, Martine Minette, Anne Mazarguil
Paints : Laurence Forbin
Stage managers : Célio Ménard, Océane Martel
Lights creator : Célio Ménard
Beasts builder : Olivier Sion

K Samka
Archaos - Pôle Cirque Marseille - Théâtre du Soleil - La Cartoucherie - Paris (75012)
Maison de la Culture d'Amiens - Pôle Cirque Cherbourg - Académie Fratellini
Temal Production
With the support of DRAC Ile-de-France

Show available in 2022-2023

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Tour dates

14 January 2023 - 20h00 - Festival Biac 2023 / Archaos - Théâtre des Halles - Avignon (France-84)
15 January 2023 - 16h00 - Festival Biac 2023 / Archaos - Théâtre des Halles - Avignon (France-84)
15 March 2023 - 19h00 - Festival Marto - Université Paris Nanterre (92)

17 March 2023 - 20h30 - Festival Spring - La Hague (France-50)
12 May 2023 - 20h00 - Cirque Théâtre - Elbeuf (France-76)
13 May 2023 - 18h00 - Cirque Théâtre - Elbeuf (France-76)
15 May 2023 - 9h00 (school audience) - Centre Culturel Joseph Kessel - Villepinte (France-11)

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