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Contemporary theatre

Link to Hovnatan Avédikian - Esperanza variation
Esperanza variation
- CREATION 2018 -
Hovnatan Avédikian
Link to Jean-Quentin Châtelain - A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell
- CREATION 2017 -
Jean-Quentin Châtelain
Link to Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob, Jacob
Jacob, Jacob
- CREATION 2018 -
Dyssia Loubatière
Didier Bezace

One man (woman) shows

The puppet and the puppeteer’s body

Theatre and Puppets

Puppet and object theatre

Theatrical storytelling

Show in the hospital

Street theatre

Readings shows

Theatrical strolls

Shows for young audience


Performances without text and shows available in international version

Franck Lepage

Link to Inculture(s) 1 & 2
Inculture(s) 1 & 2

Pierre Pradinas (Cie Le Chapeau Rouge)

Link to Pierre Pradinas - The Bald Soprano
The Bald Soprano
- CREATION 2016 -
Link to Pierre Pradinas - The Occupation
The Occupation
- CREATION 2018 -

Nicolas Saelens (Théâtre Inutile)

Link to Nicolas Saelens - The Promethean Suites
The Promethean
Suites : Water
- CREATION 2018 -
Link to Nicolas Saelens - Without Shadow
Without Shadow
- CREATION 2017 -
Link to Nicolas Saelens - Compagnie au pied du lit
Compagnie au pied
du lit
Link to Nicolas Saelens - The Conference of Dogs
The Conference
of Dogs

Ilka Schönbein & Alexandra Lupidi (Theater Meschugge)

Link to Ilka Schönbein & Alexandra Lupidi - Rumpelstiltskin
- CREATION 2017 -
Link to Ilka Schönbein & Alexandra Lupidi - Creatures
- CREATION 2017 -

Ilka Schönbein & Laurie Cannac (Graine de Vie)

Link to Fishesstail
Wolfed down !
Wolfed down !

Patrick Sims (Les Antliaclastes)

Link to Patrick Sims - Ambergris
- CREATION 2018 -
Link to Patrick Sims - The Waltz of Hommelettes
The Waltz
of Hommelettes
- CREATION 2016 -
Link to Hilum

Ulysse's Companions

Link to Theatre plays in Museums and Castles
Theatre plays in
Museums and Castles
Link to Puss in Boots - Ulysse's Companions
Puss in Boots
Ulysses’Companions - La Belle Epoque
La Belle Epoque

The artists I support

Link to Hovnatan Avédikian
Hovnatan Avédikian
Link to Didier Bezace's biography
Didier Bezace
L'Entêtement Amoureux
Link to Romane Bohringer / Lisa Schuster
Romane Bohringer
Lisa Schuster
Link to Laurie Cannac's biography
Laurie Cannac
Graine de Vie
Link to Jean-Quentin Châtelain's biography
Jean-Quentin Châtelain
Link to David Géry et Agnès Sourdillon's biography
David Géry T. d'Or
& Agnès Sourdillon
Link to Franck Lepage's biography
Franck Lepage
Link to Pierre Pradinas biography
Pierre Pradinas
Le Chapeau Rouge
Link to Nicolas Saelens's biography
Nicolas Saelens
Théâtre Inutile
Link to Ilka Schönbein's biography
Ilka Schönbein
Theater Meschugge
Link to Patrick Sims's biography
Patrick Sims
Les Antliaclastes
Link to Compagnons d'Ulysse's biography
Ulysse's Companions


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