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Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob

  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob
  • Dyssia Loubatière - Jacob Jacob

Photo Nathalie Hervieux

Initially, there is a photo: four young men posing proudly in front of a replica of the Normandy, in Algiers.

From these faces and from the memories of her grandmother, Valérie Zenatti will reinvent and restore for the memory a life she hasn’t known, the life of Jacob (Florian Choquart), born in Constantine, killed at the age of 19 on the Alsatian front, who happened to be her great-uncle. Jacob is mobilized to go thousands of miles from his home, in order to liberate France and fight, it is not only in Algeria, his homeland, that it is torn but his childhood and in the broken heart of his mother. The irony of history is that for two years, in 41-42, he who loved learning so much, had been rejected from Aumale high school in Constantine because the Jews were considered under Petain as natives, unfit to receive an education. And there, while the Americans have just landed in Normandy, France "judges it sufficiently French" to wear the uniform of his army, he is cleansed of the shame of being chased out of school. Rachel (Christiane Cohendy), a barrack-barred mother with a basket filled with food, tries to find her son, convinced that "a mother's heart can work miracles, and the dishes prepared with good heart have great powers."
During what we can call an odyssey, this young man will know the friendship, the love during his meeting with Louise (Jeanne Disson), fear and death.

The story of Jacob is all the more touching as it is hot news. How many mothers are still waiting today for their sons gone to war and how many sons torn from their roots will not come back to theirs?

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"Jacob Jacob"
From Valérie Zenatti
Direction & adaptation Dyssia Loubatière

Assistant director Clémence Boué
Scenography Simon Vallery
Light creation Léo Thévenon
Sound realisation Pierre Bodeux
Costume Cidalia Da Costa
Make up Cécile Kretschmar
General Manager Thierry Capéran (Avignon)
Accessory Véra Granger
Administrator Karinne Méraud

Avec :
Florian Choquart, Christiane Cohendy, Jeanne Disson
Et la voix de Martin Verhoeven

Production / Co-production

This project is carried out as part of the support of the company L'Entêtement Amoureux, Compagnie Didier Bezace, which was contracted by the Ministry of Culture and Communication to a young director and to the contemporary writings, artistic collaboration Didier Bezace.

L’Entêtement Amoureux, Company Didier Bezace is under the agreement of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Co-production Théâtre-Sénart, scène nationale - Théâtre Montansier of Versailles - MC2 of Grenoble
With the support of the Charteuse-CNES

Dyssia Loubatiere - Jacob Jacob

Tour dates

26 November 2019 - 20h30 - MC2 - Grenoble (France-38)
27 & 28 November 2019 - 19h30 - MC2 - Grenoble (France-38)
29 November 2019 - 20h30 - MC2 - Grenoble (France-38)
30 November 2019 - 20h30 - MC2 - Grenoble (France-38)
3 & 4 December 2019 - 20h30 - Théâtre - Versailles (France-78)

Creation Didier Bezace

"Le neveu de Rameau"
Creation 2020
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