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Zabou Breitman - Unshakeablelogicofthelunatic

  • Zabou Breitman - Unshakeablelogicofthelunatic
  • Zabou Breitman - Unshakeablelogicofthelunatic
  • Zabou Breitman - Unshakeablelogicofthelunatic

Photo Vincent Berenger

Director's intention notes
The term “unshakeable logic of the lunatic” comes from a sentence in Lydie Salvayre’s novel I have adapted for the stage The Company of Ghosts. For long time these words have been of concern to me. Then, the mind is focused, inspiration comes, the initial question becomes an obsession and the obsession a show. I’d like to explore in the threshold of the so-called “madness” the places rubbing with absurd, poetry and insanity. The show will be a collage and as I have done in Des Gens/People, adapted from Raymond Depardon, an editing mostly inspired by the documentary, but mixed, muddled up, fused together into the “great text”, from Shakespeare to Chekhov, Racine, Kafka, Lewis Carroll, Gogol and others. The idea is not so much of a patchwork but of an assembling, so subtle that the various origins would be impossible to distinguish, even if we could stealthily certain accents.

There will be text, but the “lunatic” (that we are) has a body, its arrhythmias, its losses of balance, and they will be subject of a very present physical work. There will be choreographed duets and trios. I also draw my inspiration from the work of the visual artist Liu Bolin, whose chameleon body vanishes on the walls, in the nature, on the shelves of the supermarket.

The actors are very young and they bear inside themselves this near regret at leaving childhood where insanities are linked to the young age. They learn to work like reasonable adults, still stammering and babbling with the energy of immortality.
Zabou Breitman

From the Press
Director of plays by Topor or Feydeau, Breitman has a very fine sense of burlesque, of its specific play on proportions, of rhythm and acting precision requested. She has wonderfully chosen and directed her four young actors, Antonin Chalon, Camille Constantin, Rémi Laquittant and Marie Petiot. Always they strike exactly the right note of this ethereal hyperrealism, of this humanism without great organ, that confer all great value on this show destined for a rich tour, during the season 2018/2019.
Le Monde – Fabienne Darge

Zabou Breitman’s talent consists of making a comedy with a pretty rare charm, between strange encounters, characters drawn on the fantastic side of Lewis Carroll and everyday situations where the least detail becomes something considerable at stake.
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Direction adaptation and text : Zabou Breitman
Assistant director : Pénélope Biessy
Choreography : Gladys Gambie
Clown : Fred Blin
Sound creation : Gregoire Leymarie

Set and stage design : Audrey Vuong and Zabou Breitman
Lights : Anaïs De Freitas and Zabou Breitman
Costumes : Cedri Tirado and Zabou Breitman
Sound realisation : Tiphanie Bernet

Actors : Antonin Chalon, Camille Constantin, Rémi Laquittant, Marie Petiot

Production / Co-production

Producer : Le Liberté, SN of Toulon
Co-producer : Anthéa Antipolis Théâtre d’Antibes
Supporting La Chartreuse de Villeneuve-CNES, the Théâtre de Chatillon and of the Théâtre des Franciscains of Beziers.
Distribution: Les 2 Bureaux/ Le K Samka

Zabou Breitman - Unshakeablelogicofthelunatic

Tour dates

13 February 2020 - 20h30 - Dome Théâtre - Alberville (France-73)
+ Carte Blanche to Zabou Breitman : "Read Parker" (reading out) at 19h00
13 March 2020 - Théâtre - Roanne (France-42)
20 March 2020 - 19h00 - Théâtre Municipal Ducourneau - Agen (France-47)
26 March 2020 - 19h00 - Théâtre - Vitré (France-35)
Carte Blanche to Zabou Breitman : "Read Parker" (reading out)
2 April 2020 - 21h00 - Théâtre National de Nice (France-06)
+ Carte Blanche to Zabou Breitman : "Read Parker" (reading out) at 19h30
3 April 2020 - 14h00 et 21h00 - Théâtre National de Nice (France-06)
+ Carte Blanche to Zabou Breitman : "Read Parker" (reading out) at 19h30

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