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Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish

  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish

Photo Pascal Gély

Jean is remembering...
Paris 1978. Behind the wheel of his cab, he’s only 25, hard guy looking according to the men, good looking for the ladies…
On the back seat he has picked up the elegant Salomon Rubinstein, 84 years old, “King Solomon”, who had made his fortune in clothing industry and then had decided to pour out his generous gifts to those who no longer believe in anything…
Salomon hired Jean as his personal driver. Little by little Jean discovers the loneliness of the old Salomon, his volcanic wrath, his hardly faded love affaires with Cora Lamenaire, a former realist singer he used to know before the war…

Trough the cheeky and impish language of Romain Gary, it’s Jean who, 25 years later, tells us his miraculous encounter with Monsieur Salomon. He takes us along with him to the pavement of a popular Paris, from Rue du Sentier to Les Champs-Elysées, in his crazy race to make up for lost time, between Salomon and Cora.

After the great success of The Promise of Dawn, Bruno Abraham-Kremer invite us to another journey, initiatory and humorous, an exhilarating melodrama, combination of Chaplin and the funny Georges Lautner.

A passage from the text...
“You have been warned, I won’t let it rest at that! It’s true I just reach 85, but even if there is only a short step from that consideration before to believe me a null and void, I do not allow you to cross this step!
There is something I have to tell you, my young friends.
If I have escaped during 4 years from the Nazis, from the Gestapo, from deportation, from the round up in Paris Vélodrome d’Hiver, from gas chambers and extermination, it’s not to let myself be pushed around now by any third-rate death, supposed to be natural, under shabby psychological pretexts.
The most efficient ones haven’t succeeded in getting me, so be sure I won’t be had by routine. It’s not for nothing that I have escaped from the Holocaust, my little friends.
My intention is to live to a ripe old age, take my word for it!”

Definitely, they will never understand anything of my work those who don’t understand the very simple fact that my books are first and foremost books of love.
Romain Gary

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Bruno Abraham-Kremer - King Solomon’s Anguish

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"King Solomon’s Anguish"
By Romain Gary (Emile Ajar)
Publ. Mercure de France / Gallimard

Adaptation and direction:
Bruno Abraham-Kremer & Corine Juresco

Acting: Bruno Abraham-Kremer

Stage design: Jean Haas
Lights: Arno Veyrat
Sound creation: Mehdi Ahoudig
Costumes: Charlotte Villermet

Production / Coproduction
Produced and created at the Théâtre du Petit Saint-Martin in January 2018
Producer: Théâtre de l’Invisible
In agreement with the Théâtre du Petit Saint-
and the Théâtre Montensier/Versailles
Co-producer: Production du Dehors/Jacques Gamblin

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Pess pack Théâtre Lucernaire (zip)
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Tour dates

28 January 2020 - 20h00 - La Maison - Maison de la Culture de Nevers Agglomération - Nevers (France-58)

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