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Ilka Schönbein / Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !

  • Ilka Schönbein - Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !
  • Ilka Schönbein - Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !
  • Ilka Schönbein - Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !
  • Ilka Schönbein - Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !

Photo Serge Lucas

Show nominated Molières 2010 in the category "Young public"

Wolfed down !
Little Red Riding Hood ! Everybody knows it... or rather thinks he knows it. Instead of the versions by Perrault or Grimm, it’s their illustrated substitutes we usually think of. But who could remember the oral versions, these age old narrations which contain real original treasures? The Grimm Brothers have showed us the way, in terms of revealing the power of the tale, but let’s remember Perrault’s boldness and the sharpness of the oral versions. It’s from those versions that our show draws its inspiration, from those Riding Hoods who talk to us about the child out of the mother’s lap, taking necessary risks, about disobeying, about dangerous banks where ingenuousness could sink, about handing on from generation to generation... So, it’s a tale about transformation, transformation of the child turning into adult, transformation of the evolving being, of all those who question their own life... So, to the questions asked by our tale : “Where are you going?”, “By which way?”,” Who’s here?” answers are full of overtones. Our Riding Hood is all white. She’s a modern little girl, a naive clown who absorbs herself keenly in the story of Red Riding Hood, in order to get away from the superficiality she’s hemmed in. By leaving the way of comfortable and stifling conventionality, she gives herself the chance to open new colours : red as danger, red as rebellion, black as despair and death, red as love... As rich palette to draw one’s own destiny. When entering this wonderful and terrifying world, the little girl merges into the tale – and the tale merges into her, in a hand-to-hand fight with the puppets. Then all characters reveal the conflicting forces which clash in early adolescence. A cruel tale, a naive one, a tale made of wisdom, initiation, transformation, made of dream or nightmare? Wolfed Down! is all that combined.
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"Wolfed down !"
Directed by Ilka Schönbein

Adapted from the Brothers Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood
A « one-woman show » for an actress and a whole world of puppets
For a general audience, suitable for children 8 years old and up

Ilka Schönbein : Direction
Laurie Cannac : Design, interpretation and puppets manipulation
Laurie Cannac, Ilka Schönbein and Serge Lucas : Puppets
Serge Lucas : Scénography and technician
François Olivier, Guy Pothier and Claire Moutarde : Sound designers
Luc Mesnier-Pierroutet, Sébastien Choriol : Lighting designers
Nathalie Pagnac : Assistant director
Céline Chatelain : Clown work
Laurie Cannac, Isabelle Guyot, Nicolas Dufour : Voices off
Serge Lucas : Music

Production / Co-production

Production : Le Grand Parquet & La Compagnie Graine de vie. Co-production : Theater Meschugge, Arcadi, Théâtre de l’Espace, Scène Nationale - Besançon,
Ilka Schönbein / Graine de vie is supported by L’Institut International de la Marionnette - Charleville-Mézières, DMDTS (aide à la maquette), DRAC Franche Comté, Conseil régional Franche Comté, Conseil général du Doubs, Council of Besançon and L'Arche - Bethoncourt, CREAM - Dives sur Mer, Scènes du Jura, Council of Paris, Région Ile de France and Mairie du 18ème.

Ilka Schönbein / Laurie Cannac - Wolfed down !

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Tour dates

Show available for touring 2018-2019

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La Maison de l’art et de la communication - Sallaumines / Festival Marionnettes en jardin - Charleville Mézières / Festival de marionnettes - Dives-sur-Mer / Festival Marionnettes en Campagne du Théâtre du Gros Bonhomme / Théâtre du Fon du loup - Carves / l’Odyssée - Périgueux / Théâtre - Perpignan / La Grande Ourse - Villeneuve lès Maguelone / Festival Contes Givrés en bourgogne / L’Arche - Béthoncourt / le Théâtre du Fon de Loup - Carves / l’Agora - Pau / Théâtre d’Oloron Sainte Marie / Théâtre - Guingamp / Théâtre Athéna d’Auray / Maison du Théâtre - Brest / le Quai - Angers / Théâtres en Dracénie - Draguignan / Théâtre - Istres / Saison Jeune Public - Nanterre / Centre Culturel - Persan / ABC & CDN - Dijon / Espace 600 - Grenoble / Scène Nationale - Fecamp / Centre Culturel - Massy / Centre Culturel - Sevran / Espace Jean Vilar - Ifs / Théâtre - Amiens / Centre Pablo Picasso - Homécourt / Scène Nationale - Grasse / Salle Notre Dame - Salins les Bains / Le strapontin - Pont-Scorff / Festival du Val d’Oise (Taverny, Vauréal, Herblay, Cormeilles en Parisis, Saint-Gratien) / Centre Culturel - Urrugne / Carré des Jalles - Blanquefort / Théâtre - Arles / Dyonysos - Cahors / Cinéma Georges Boyer - Figeac / Odyssud - Blagnac / Théâtre - Laval & Craon / Scène Nationale - Gap / Théâtre - Veulin - Bourgoin-Jallieu / Festival de la marionnette - Grenoble / Théâtre - Corbeil-Essonnes / Le Salmanazar - Epernay / Théâtre Jean-Arp - Clamart / Le Samovar - Bagnolet / Le Carré Amelot - La Rochelle / Le Forum du Blanc Mesnil / Le Point d’eau - Ostwald / Le Cheval Blanc - Schiltigheim. Copenhagen in Denmark / Festival Idéklic / Festival - Mirepoix / L’espace Malraux - Joué-lès-Tours / Le mail - Soissons / Séoul en Corée du Sud / Théâtre - Langres / Théâtre Jean Vilar - Champigny sur Marne / Salle jean Carmé - Allonnes / Le Fanal - Saint-Nazaire / Le moulin du roc - Niort / Les treize arches - Brive / Le Château rouge - Annemasse / Helsinki in Finland / Kaposvar en Hungary / Festival Phalsbourg / Festival Confluences - Avoine / La Comédie - Saint Etienne / Centre Culturel - Ramonville / Théâtre Royal - Copenhaguen / Grand T - Nantes / Musée d'Orsay - Paris.

Also touring Ilka Schönbein & Alexandra Lupidi

Also touring Ilka Schönbein & Laurie Cannac

Book on sale

"Un théâtre charnel" ("A theatre of the flesh")
(Les Editions de l'Oeil)
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100 photographs of Ilka Schönbein’s shows by Marinette Delanné
Price : 30 € / book + postal charges 8,50 €
Publication of the book February 2017
Book Ilka Schönbein

Photo Marinette Delanné

Ilka Schönbein - Un théâtre charnel
("A theatre of the flesh")
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