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Antonin Chalon / Cie Zabou Breitman - After the End

  • Antonin Chalon - After the End
  • Antonin Chalon - After the End
  • Antonin Chalon - After the End
  • Antonin Chalon - After the End
  • Antonin Chalon - After the End
  • Zabou Breitman - After the End
  • Zabou Breitman - After the End
  • Zabou Breitman - After the End
  • Zabou Breitman - After the End

Photo C. Raynaud Delage

ln After the End Louise wakes up in a fallout shelter, after a nuclear explosion. Mark claims he has rescued her when she left the pub and keeps her under heavy guard. As he imposes on Louise a « role play » which blurs the limits between reality and fiction, Mark proves to be an astounding and quick tempered host. Sometimes the balance of domination between them is reversed. Who's the persecutor, who's the persecuted ? How far will go bath of those two survivors, walled up in their atomic fallout shelter ?
Published by L'Arche Editeur

lt's in November 2015, just afer the terrorist attacks in Paris, that Antonin Chalon, Xavier Guelfi and Marie Petiot got together for a first reading out of the text. Even though the event is not to be seen as the main line of this creative work, yet the sudden irruption of an ultra-violent occurence in the middlel of the everyday lite adds a powerful echo to the text by Kelly they had chosen to show today.

ln 2013 Antonin Chalon, Xavier Guelfi and Marie Petiot had already met for the creation of Bleu by Remi Devos, a play built from a stage writting work and being to be performed, among other places, at the Theâtre Paris Villette in June 2014. Since then the director, Antonin Chalon, had the opportunity to produce his first show Léonie est en Avance / Léonie is Early by Georges Feydeau at the Théâtre du Lucernaire in May/June 2016.
After the End is a play that asks questions about the influence of time, media and terrorist threats on the young generation who's losing more and more structure and points of reference. The production of the play by Dennis Kelly is the result of a desire shared by these three young artists, who felt it necessary to look into a topical question by working on a contemporary text and a hyper-realist language.
At the end of a rehearsal, in Cantal in September 2016, the project came to a reading out session, with theatrical direstion. They performed this exercise in Paris and at the Théâtre Anthéa in Antibes. After having been at one of those readings, Zaou Breitman, actress and director, decided to welcome the project into her company Cabotine.
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"After the End"
From Dennis Kelly
Translated by Olivier Werner & Pearl Manifold - L’Arche éditeur
Directed by Antonin Chalon

With Xavier Guelfi & Marie Petiot

Scénography / Costume Salma Bordes
Light design Quentin Maudet & Antonin Chalon
Sound design Rémi Billardonet & Antoine Henry de Villeneuve

Cabotine – Zabou Breitman Company
Anthéa, Théâtre d’Antibes (France-06)
With the support of La Chartreuse – CNES & Theater of the Porte Saint-Martin

Antonin Chalon - After the End

Tour dates

13 November 2019 - 21h00 - Anthéa - Antibes (France-06)
14 November 2019 - 20h30 - Anthéa - Antibes (France-06)
15 November 2019 - 21h00 - Anthéa - Antibes (France-06)
16 November 2019 - 21h00 - Anthéa - Antibes (France-06)

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