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Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)

  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)
  • Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)

Photo Michel Corbière / Partick Berger

Macbeth (The Notes) is a sort of a theatre performance on the creative process of directing a play. On an empty stage the director hands his notes over to actors, technicians and the creative team just after one of the public previews of his new staging of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The show is not quite ready and the director aims to give his actors all his good advice and tips so that they are prepared and ready for the opening.

Successively inspired and exasperated, and often lost, the director comments on his notes. Throughout this work session he will vigorously defend the avant-gardist principles of his method (still somewhat confidential) known as the method of distortion. For this, he praises the genius of his German video designer Rainer, then showers the lead actor Jean-Marc, a celebrity from TV plays and talk shows, either with obsequious flattery or with violent blame.

Macbeth (The Notes) is not only a sort of a chaotic trip through the brain of a creative artist, but also a gripping insight into the obsessional devotion that Shakespeare’s great plays can inspire, and into the thousand and one ways of staging them.

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Dan Jemmett - Macbeth (The Notes)

"Macbeth (The Notes)"

Based on William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Translation : Jean-Michel Déprats
Adaptation : Dan Jemmett et David Ayala

With David Ayala

Conception and staging : Dan Jemmett
Artistic collaboration : Juliette Mouchonnat
Stage management : Serge Oddos

Production / Co-production

Production : Compagnie des Petites Heures
Production since the first of july 2017 : Les Monstres de Luxe
Delegated production since the fist of july 2017 : Le Ksamka
Opening : 15 of January 2014 in Sortie-Ouest (Béziers - France 11)

Dan Jemmett is associated with La Maison des Arts Thonon-Evian (France).

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Tour dates

From 10 to 13 October 2017 - Théâtre de l'Union - CDN - Limoges (France - 87)

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