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Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus

  • Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus
  • Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus
  • Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus
  • Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus
  • Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus

Photo Carole Parodi / Simon Lettelier

To what extent was the great adventurer of the Swiss literature, Blaise Cendrars the real inventor of the word "Planus" ("wander" or "travelling around" in English). No matter, it’s a lovely legend.
Born in 1887 at La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), the Swiss writer and poet made a novel of his life, which novel he transformed into a piece of art. "Planus" is part of an autobiographical tetralogy written between 1945 and 1949, when the writer was at the peak of his career.
From among the eleven stories that compose "Planus", the director Darius Peyamiras chose Gênes, a narrative that tells the fragments of a childhood infused with heady perfumes. Everything that happens to our hero is unusual and extraordinary, giving rise to remarkably creative writing that shifts from elaborate anecdotes to deeper thoughts on mankind.

It is easy to understand the desire of the director to hear the Swiss actor Jean-Quentin Châtelain recite the text, turning the monologue into pure wizardry.
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Text : Blaise Cendrars
Adaptation and direction : Darius Peyamiras

Scénography : Gilles Lambert
Lighting designer : Jonas Bühler
Sound designer : Michel Zürcher

With : Jean-Quentin Châtelain


Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne / Le Poche Genève
Compagnie Argos* Théâtre with the support of Département de l’Instruction publique du Canton de Genève & La Fondation Casino Barrière Montreux, CORODIS, Loterie Romande and Pro Helvetia, "Fondation suisse pour la culture"

Jean-Quentin Châtelain - Planus

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